I have known Bill Blackburn both personally and professionally for over a decade. His ability to facilitate groups, work as part of a team, understand and then help others understand issues regarding LGBTQI communities is stellar. I have the highest regard and confidence in his abilities to further any agenda that involves sensitivity, awareness and capacity building.
Ed Wolf – Educator and Writer
Bill Blackburn has been a treasured friend and a colleague in diversity and inclusion work since 2003. When I think of Bill I think of “universal respect.” Part of the beauty of Bill’s leadership style is the way he demonstrates, with sensitivity and caring, his respect for everyone he meets, which is grounded in a deep valuing of ahimsa, or non-harmfulness. These qualities, added to a humorous and heartfelt way of being in community with others, contribute to Bill’s ability to be a strong ally to people in communities targeted for oppression.
Mushim Patricia Ikeda – Buddhist Teacher and Diversity Consultant
I had the pleasure of serving on a Board of Directors of a nonprofit organization while Bill was President. He is a great leader, effective communicator and a good listener. Bill is an expert in the consensus process, teaching the process itself, creating and holding the space, facilitating conversations so all are heard, proposing ways forward, and, ultimately, forging shared agreement and consensus. He creates a space – physically, emotionally and with words – that deepens understanding, opens heart and builds community.
Mark Hoffheimer – Planner and Community Advocate