Building Community with Heart

Outstretched hand gently supporting a heart-shaped sun.

Working together, we have the power in our minds and hearts to make Earth more livable. It is up to us to manifest the world we want to live in, and to create a path to a sustainable future. We have inherited a model based on scarcity and separation and have become enculturated to seeing difference as competition and threats. We are led to believe that more – more money, more power, more material goods, more distractions – will make us happy. Yet as A. H. Almaas has said: “We can never get enough of what we don’t need.”

We are interconnected in a greater whole and have common ground in our midst if we are willing to explore it. Adopting this integral perspective on the world, it all begins to fit together. When we move beyond our polarization, our fears and otherings, we discover that we share a common future. And if we get in touch with what is truly meaningful in life, it is in making connection with each other and in contributing to the greater good. As we evolve new ways of being, we enhance our lives, our organizations and the lives of those around us.

Bill brings his heart and passion to every encounter, sensing the best in people and organizations and helping them realize it. His extensive experience in community development, teambuilding, program design, training, Circle work, integrating diverse perspectives and mentoring empowers him to help you as an individual or your group reach goals and explore your greater potential. If you seek evolutionary change in your life or your organization, Bill Blackburn can help you manifest it.

– Bill Blackburn